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    Microprocessor Based
    Temperature Sensor

    LCD indication of temperature and setpoint
    Optional override switch
    Optional LED indication
    24 Vac/dc or 5 Vdc power supplies
    Celsius or Fahrenheit display
    Thermistor or RTD sensing element
    Custom logo application
    NEW functional and attractive enclosure
    Installer-friendly wiring access
    Highest quality double-sided FR4 PCB's

    The TE-200-AEM is a space temperature sensor that is microprocessor based and terminates to the analog inputs of virtually all makes of Building Control Systems.

    The LCD display can be configured to display readings in either
    or F. The setpoint value will be displayed for two seconds after the momentary push button is released. This setpoint is factory configured from two to five degrees on either side of a fixed preprogrammed space temperature.

    An optional override button and LED are available for local indication of override status.

    Enclosure Executive (AE) (71mm x 119mm x 32mm)
    Power Supply 5 Vdc +/- 5% ( must be regulated) or 10-35 Vdc / 24 Vac +/- 20% (Vac is half wave rectified)
    Sensors Thermistors or RTD's (see ordering information)
    Display Displays room temperature with 0.1 resolution for 0-35 or  32 -95F Celsius or Fahrenheit (specified at time of ordering) Setpoint displays for two seconds when button is pressed Accuracy +/- 0.2 plus sensor accuracy
    (Resistive Output)
    Dual (2) momentary push button controlled Output is always with respect to power supply common Output is linear between minimum and maximum value Range values are specific to application (see ordering information) Optional setpoint increments (see ordering information) Setpoint can be programmed to have a reset time value (1,2 or 3 hours)
    Override Optional feature, one momentary push button Switch activation results in a closed contact output Optional wiring as separate two wire output, in parallel with sensor, in parallel with setpoint or with respect to power supply common
    LED Optional red LED Specify as a two wire output or as a one wire output with cathode connected to common or an anode connected to +5Vdc