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  • LCD indication for both current and voltage models
    Celsius or Fahrenheit display
    Thermistor or Precision RTD sensing element
    Integral Zero and Span adjustments   (TE500)
    Custom logo application
    Modular design allows several option configurations
    NEW functional and attractive enclosure
    Installer-friendly wiring access
    Highest quality double-sided FR4 PCB's


    The TE-200-AE space temperature sensor is available with a variety of options that can be configured to all makes of Building Control Systems.

    The TE-500-AE is a precision current loop temperature transmitter featuring an optional three digit LCD indication of the temperature signal that is being sent to the control system. The LCD display is factory configured to display readings in either
    or F. This transmitter is also available with set point adjustment and override push button.

    The transmitter provides a high accuracy signal with excellent long term stability, low hysteresis and fast response while being virtually immune to power supply noise and input voltage fluctuations. All models operate on a wide range of AC or DC power supplies.

    4-20mA Loop Power Supply 18 to 35 Vdc or 18 to 32 Vac (with 250 ohm load and no LCD) 22 to 35 Vdc or 22 to 32 Vac (with 250 ohm load and LCD)
    Minimum Loop Current 2 mA nominal,(occurs with shorted sensor)
    Maximum Loop Current 22.5 mA nominal,(occurs with open sensor)
    Maximum Loop Load >600 ohms at 24 Vac/dc with no LCD, > 325 ohms with LCD
    0-5 Vdc Power Supply 10 to 35 Vdc or 10 to 32 Vac, 15 Volts minimum with LCD
    0-10 Vdc Power Supply 15 to 35 Vdc or 15 to 32 Vac,
    Voltage Mode Maximum Current <3 mA with no LCD, 15 mA nominal with LCD
    Voltage Mode Maximum Output Limited to < 5.5 Vdc for 0-5 model and < 10.5 Vdc for 0-10 model & 0-5 with LCD
    Input Voltage Effect Negligible over specified operating range
    RFI Rejection Good RFI rejection of normal frequencies with standard installation
    Protection Circuitry Reverse voltage protected and output limited
    Output Signal 4-20mA current loop, 0-5 Vdc or 0-10 Vdc (factory configured)
    Transmitter Accuracy 0.1% of span, including linearity
    Temperature Sensor Type 1000 ohm platinum RTD standard (class B, 385 Alpha, thin film)
    Temperature Calibration Three point with precision calibration standards
    Display Units or F (Factory set)
    Display Range 0.0 to 35.0 typical range for transmitter (other ranges available)
    Display Resolution 0.1 or 0.1F  for display of 00.0 to 99.9
    Display Accuracy 0.2 or 0.2F over full range with respect to the output signal
    Display Update Rate 3 times per second
    Display Size 0.95"W x 0.45" H (24mm x 11mm) three digit
    Operating Temperature 0 to 70 (32 to 158F)
    Operating Humidity 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Wiring Connections Two or three wires, screw terminal block,(14 to 22 AWG)
    Manufacturing Process ISO 9002 Certified
    Internal Adjustments Clearly marked ZERO and SPAN pots
    Enclosure Size 2.8" W x 4.7" H x 1.25" D (71mm x 119mm x 32mm) universal back plates mount to any wall box or may be flush mounted
    Optional Slidepot 20 - 30K (L-R) standard, other values available
    Optional Switch Normally open pushbutton, 0.4 VA at 24 Vac/dc standard